Do you have a large gathering coming up? Looking for a great meal to serve?

Pick up a Johnnie’s Burger Bar and get everything you need
for your group to create their very own Johnnie’s favorite.

Burger Bar

Burger Bar Details

Hamburger per person: $8.99

This includes all the condiments such as: lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, Johnnie’s sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and onions.

  • Large Onion Rings (Only): $6.54
  • Large French Fries (Only): $5.34 (a large order of our onion rings or fries can feed 2-3 people, so you don’t have to order one for each person.)

Burger Bar Locations

Burger Bars must be ordered by calling the restaurant in advance prior to pick up. Call one of the following locations closest to you to order your burger bar today.

The following locations serve Burger Bars:

  • 33 E. 33rd – 405-348-3214
Oklahoma City
  • 2652 W. Britton Road – 405-751-2565
  • 6629 N.W. Expressway – 405-470-0177
  • 13900 N. May Avenue – 405-748-5440
  • 421 W. I-240 Service Road - 405-634-4681
  • 2305 S Telephone Rd – 405-703-4600