What Really Makes a Great Burger?

Close your eyes and picture the greatest hamburger you ever had. Now think of what made that burger so great. Is it in the beef? Or is it all about the toppings? Although the question may seem hard to answer, it's rather simple.

It's all about technique – well, kind of.

Maybe that's not what you were thinking, but as people who love burgers, we at Johnnie's have been to countless fast food restaurants, diners, burger joints, etc., and can instantly tell a mediocre burger from a great burger. And keep in mind that while a burger may look good, that doesn't mean it will taste good.

great burger

Now while some cooks or chefs wouldn't share their secrets to making a great burger, we also know what it's like to be the customer and bite into a bad – or even just "OK" – burger and be disappointed. With that in mind, here are our secrets to a great burger:

Fresh beef

It's not a hamburger without the beef, and the freshness of that beef has a lot to do with how it will turn out as a whole. After all, you can cook the bad stuff out of day-old meat, but you can't inject the flavor back into it. That's why at Johnnie's Charcoal Burgers, all our burgers are made from fresh, high-grade beef. Not a fan of beef? No worries! We know that not everyone likes or wants beef, and that's why delicious veggie burgers are available. And we don't just make our veggie burgers out of a bunch of flavorless mashed up veggies – we use dark black beans for a thick, savory patty.

Knowing when the burger is done

One of the keys to the perfect burger is knowing when it is done. An undercooked burger can often be a turnoff, while an overcooked burger can be hard and almost inedible. A good burger joint knows exactly when to pull the burgers off the grill to cook the meat, seal the flavor, yet keep the juice! At Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler, we'd like to think that we've mastered that art!

Knowing Juiciness from greasiness

We've mentioned juice several times for a reason: a burger is no good if it isn't juicy. But there's a fine line between juicy and greasy in the industry, and we've encountered many establishments that don't quite know how to toe the line. Aside from dripping onto your clothing (and staining it permanently – grease stains are nearly impossible to get out), a lot of grease is also not great for your heart. Any juice should come primarily from your burger, with a minimal amount of grease for cooking. This we take to heart, for your heart!

Lots of Toppings

Even if the burger is juicy enough, most people still like some kind of toppings on theirs, something that we as enthusiasts agree with completely! You can never go wrong with Johnnie's sauce, but there's also bacon, cheese, jalapeño, mustard, pickles, tomatoes, chili – the list is endless.

Solid construction

Sounds like we're talking about a new building, but you'll understand what we mean when you hear us out. Have you even bitten into a burger only to have it fall apart? Half the toppings land on your lap and you battle between holding your burger in one hand while replacing the toppings with the other or just committing to what you have left in your hands and eating the rest later. A little sauce drip here and there isn't bad, but a great burger should stay together when you eat it. Without structure in a burger, it's rather hard to enjoy it.

As burger lovers and cooks ourselves, we know what it takes to make a remarkable burger that won't leave your taste buds disappointed. If you're looking for the best hamburgers in OKC, look no further than Johnnie's Charcoal Burgers! Check out our menu and visit us today!