Burgers are on the Up and Up

Is there anything more American than a burger? While the specific origins of the famous sandwich are still up for debate, it's clear that it came to prominence in early 20th century America and has remained a favorite ever since. At Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler, we are especially fascinated by the enduring legacy of the great burger, but particularly with its recent resurgence in popularity. According to a report by the NPD Group, servings in 2014 rose 3% over the previous year. Only good news as far as we're concerned, but is there a reason?

Higher Beef Prices

You wouldn't think that higher beef prices would be good for the burger business but, in an odd way, they have. Years of drought and disease had forced many cattle producers to minimize the size of their herds. However, since beef demand remained pretty steady despite the smaller supply, prices rose. The industry is now recovering, but analysts say that prices will remain high for some time. The compromise for most people this past year wasn't to skip beef entirely, but to get an affordable burger rather than an expensive steak. Thus, while sirloin took a hit and rib eye hasn't made a killing, burgers have actually gained ground.

More Money for Eating Out

For years during the recession, people just weren't eating out the way they used to. It makes sense; if you don't have a lot of money for extras, you only go out for really special occasions. Now that the economy is recovering and people have a bit more disposable income, they're eating out a lot more often. Great for the whole restaurant industry – including burger joints like us!

Emerging Foodie Culture

Do you remember when "foodie" was not a word in anyone's vocabulary? Internet culture has made fetishists out of people who love food, allowing them to post pictures of things that they made, share recipes, and view slideshows of the best places to get burgers in Oklahoma City or any given location. With all of that easy sharing going on throughout the country and world, the emphasis has been on crazier, more diverse, and more authentic ways to make a burger – forcing the sub-par fast food joints of the past to redefine themselves for a new age. Those of us who had a good product to begin with (cough, cough), have only benefitted from the upswing that a whole new generation of patrons has brought us.

Circumstances have helped the burger in recent years, but this perennial American favorite has staying power that goes beyond mere trends. Stop by Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler to rediscover your love for the hamburger!