5 Things You Want in a Burger Restaurant

We all love a good hamburger and there are some amazing burgers in OKC, no doubt. But it seems like some restaurants think a burger is all they need on the menu—and that’s just not true. Here are some of the dishes we think are absolute essentials for any great burger restaurant, beyond the burgers themselves.

  1. Salads. Okay, let’s just go ahead and get it out of the way first: there’s no shame in going into a burger restaurant and ordering something healthy. In fact, making sure you get your greens can help make that delicious burger all the more guilt-free. So why do so many burger restaurants offer no salad, or worse, offer nothing but yesterday’s iceberg lettuce with a few carrot shreds? Burger restaurants should offer large, fresh salads with mixed greens and lots of toppings—things like ham and hardboiled egg, mandarins, and cranberries. With hot grilled chicken on top, these greens are almost as satisfying as the burger itself.

  2. Kid’s meals. This should be a no brainer. Every parent knows that burgers are among a child’s absolute favorite foods. Yet when you walk into a restaurant, your kid’s eyes are often bigger than their stomach. A kid sized meal lets them enjoy their favorite foods without struggling to finish them. And of course, every kid’s meal should come with a treat at the end, included in the price.

  3. Chili. Once upon a time, a burger restaurant wouldn’t dare to open its doors without a great big pot of chili on the stove. Chili is as much of an American classic as hamburgers themselves. Not only is chili great on its own, but burger restaurants can put it to use in other great dishes: on top of a burger, ladled over french fries, or as an essential topping to a mashed potato.

  4. Onion rings. Don’t get us wrong, we love french fries as much as the next person. We adore them. But when exactly did burger joints stop making onion rings? Onions are one of the most popular dishes, and fries are the most popular sides, so why not put the two together? Good onion rings offer a taste that no other side can beat. The crisp, golden brown crunch with that soft, savory inside. This should be on every burger menu.

  5. Shakes & floats. Once upon a time there was no such thing as a burger restaurant. There were malt shops, and the burgers were just the sideshow. So how can you serve a burger without having shakes and floats on hand too?

Okay, just listing all these has gotten us too hungry to go on. What are your favorite dishes alongside a burger?