5 Signs of a Good Restaurant

Oklahoma City has lots of restaurants—how do you know if one is good before you try it? After all, who wants to waste their time and money heading to a new place only to be disappointed with the experience? There are several easy ways to gauge the quality of a restaurant ahead of time. Here are five signs to look for that will help you find the best restaurants in OKC.


People want to go there even if it's inconvenient – This is perhaps one of the single biggest signs that a restaurant is worth eating at, no matter what type of food it has. For example, let's say you're in the mood for a burger—are you eager to drive halfway across town to get it, instead of going to the chain restaurant on the corner? If so, your favorite burger joint is obviously doing something right. Similarly, the place that has a half hour wait for a table at brunch is doing something that the generic diners are not.


It's locally owned – This really does make a difference, not only in terms of giving back to the local economy and supporting local families, but often in terms of the quality of the food itself. When a restaurant is locally owned, either as a local chain or as a mom and pop place, it means people who live down the street take pride in it—and are devoting their attention to making it the best place it can be and helping it grow. That has an impact on the food, the service, and the atmosphere.


It gets great reviews – This is the easy way out, but reviews often do reflect reality. Look at consumer reviews to see whether a restaurant really is one of the best or not. Bear in mind a couple common traps, however. For one, most restaurants have fairly decent reviews (in the high 3s in a 5-point scale, for instance) just because it's mostly their fans who post them. For another, even the best restaurants will get a few bad reviews—don't let one horror story drive you away.


They do something different – Sometimes originality says a lot. A burger place that puts a new twist on a burger or also offers amazing, lush salads is obviously putting more care into their food than the place that just offers cheeseburgers.


The price is right for the type of food – What constitutes a good price depends on the meal in question. Steak or seafood will cost more than burgers or pizza, but the price should be appropriate to the experience.

What else do you expect from the best restaurants? At Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler, we represent the best of the above criteria. Come visit us at one of our several Oklahoma City area locations today!