3 Simple Things that Make an Excellent Burger

Burgers are a distinctly American food. They can be cooked relatively fast, they're pretty easy to eat on-the-go, and they can taste pretty amazing when you make them right. However, thanks to certain fast food restaurants and nation-wide chain eateries, the bar for what most people think of as a good burger has been set pretty low. After all, when commercials for McDonald's brag about how their burger patties are made of "pure beef," you know that we have a problem.

What do you think is the distinction between an okay burger and a great burger? Is it the way that it's prepared? Could it be the way that you season it? Does it have everything to do with the condiments? At Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler, we think it's all of these things and more. We know burgers better than anyone, and while everyone has their own preferences, there are some things that really make the best hamburgers stand out:


When making a burger, you'll want to use the freshest and best ingredients possible. Would you want a burger that is made with horsemeat or so many additives that it doesn't even qualify as meat? The beef should always be just that – beef; and moreover, it should be fresh. Would you rather eat a burger that is topped with hand-grated cheese, or a burger that has a slice of packaged American cheese thrown on to it? Do you want your burger topped with green, crispy lettuce, or a wilted, slimy leaf that has clearly seen better days? Your burger is only as good as the sum of its ingredients.


How many restaurants do you think simply make a patty and throw it on the grill without any seasoning? The answer is a lot more than you'd think. Since burgers are so easy to make, many other eateries are more than happy to plop them down and let the "natural flavors" of the meat take over. But that only works if they are using the best meat and, as we've discussed above, they usually aren't. Plus, even great meat can (and should) be enhanced by some quality seasoning. A plain burger is a sad burger.

Creativity with CondimentsJohnnie's Caesar Burger from our restaurant in OKC

A burger is so much more than a meat patty that's put between two slices of bread, and if you're eating food like that you're seriously missing out on some excellent dining. The burger joint you go to shouldn't simply offer you lettuce and tomato, but should have a variety of interesting toppings. For instance, the Johnnie's Caesar Burger offers chopped lettuce tossed with (you guessed it!) Caesar salad dressing. We also offer things like chili and our own special sauce, in addition to the more common staples.

If you are looking for the best burger restaurants in the OKC area, Johnnie's should be your go-to! Stop by one of our convenient locations or order online today!